Total Efficiency Management System –IPS360 

Agility on decision making is the key on Corporate Total Efficiency Management.. Data generated in all business processes must be converted into real-time, traceable, meaningful information and delivered to all relevant management layers on real time for efficiency. Real time meaningful information distributed on all relevant strategic layers is what  IPS360 ESS provides. While traceble real time information is provided, then the technical competencies and soft skills of the people in organization becomes another important factor on efficiency. It is only possible to develop right action on available information when people has required technical competencies and skills. IPS360 TALENT provides skill and competency devlopment performance management solutions that any organization needed for efficiency. Information, skill and competency shall turn into efficiency only when lean, standardized business processes established where duties and responsibilities crystal clear and performance criteria s are well defined. IPS 360 Core addresses needed lean solutions for efficiency on business process management from all three dimensions.

  • Real Time Meaningful Information
  • People Competency
  • Lean Business Structure
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Business Process Resource Management – IPS CORE 

IPS360 Core, provides the efficiency and simplification on enterprise business process management by providing lean solutions on personnel, organization and business center management. In this way,  while it simplifies human resources management with lean personnel management solutions, it also provides efficiency on quality management system with Business Centers and Process Mapping functions. Clarity on organizational roles and responsibilities, objective job level assessments, document and asset control  not only provides strong, institutional memory  but also provides clarity and consistency on organizational management.

  • Lean personnel, work center and process resource mapping
  • Lean organization management
  • Lean document and asset management
  • Work-time and job position analyses tools
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Flexible Business Intelligence Software For Strategic Management – IPS ESS 

IPS360 ESS (Executive Support System) which provides flexibility as much as imagination for strategic management with business intelligence, collects raw data from all business processes, converts data into meaningful information, and distributes them to strategic layers in real time. Thus, all employees monitor the performance of their work centers in real-time, and the management layers remain the only support they need for their teams. This increases performance and reduces costs with effective and quick decisions.

As a result, success is shared within an organization where everyone is focused on improving processes, thus, efficiency and internal communication are improved, profitability and competitiveness are increased.

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Agility on Decision Making through Real Time Meaningfull Information,

Excellence in Human Capital Performance Development,

Lean Business Structure and Organization Management,

Strategic Management for Total Efficiency


Corporate efficiency improvement with a lean business structure,

Agile decisions with real time information on strategy deployment,

Competitive advantage through human capital development,

Management of operational budget in real time,


IPS 360 software technologies provides you to work with multi-language capabilities. Not only for set menus but also for all your inputs multi-language is yours.:)))
Easy to Use
Friendly user interface and tested user experience makes your experience perfect to navigate and work with.
Securely access to your work from anywhere you got internet. Any device got web browser takes you to your world in IPS360
Your business data is secured in all ways. Operates on cloud or your servers.


Job Description Management

People performance is higher with clear and specific job descriptions for each job positions are provided and well understood. SMART job descriptions eliminates the confusion on roles and responsibilities in any organisation and performance execution and monitoring becomes easy and transparent. IPS Core answers all needs which search for ”job description software, hr management software, cloud hr systems, human resource management system, human resource management software , it software job description…” Transparency and clarity in organization is excellence of  IPS Core.

Built Competency and Skills

Highly skilled, competent teams are the power of organisations in fast changing and highly competitive digital era. Building experience, competency and skill is very sophisticated process and requires strong planning, execution and monitoring with SMART tools.  IPS TALENT provides you multi-dimensional layered skill and competency management tools to plan, execute and monitor your human capital development. Skill development, competency development, competency management, simply talent management becomes a simple lean process and culture withtalent development software. IPS Talent is the best skill development software with its flexibility and reliability.

Job Position Level Assessment

Many organisations suffers from developing and setting up  job levels with a scientific, fair and reliable approach. This causes confusions in organisation and drops the motivation of workforce in most of the time. IPS CORE provides you SMART job level assessment tools which you can further customize and structure your organisation effectively. It answers the needs search for ”position level tools, job levels in company, position level in company, level of job positions, organizational human resource planning…”  Structure and feeling of fairness is the excellence at any work place we provide.

Advanced Shift Management

Efficiency of work force is one of the most critical performance criteria for successful organisations.  While industrial engineering has been focusing on cycle time and work time analyses intensely, actual work hours and specially paid hours becoming one of the critical aspect on business performance. Workforce efficiency performance directly reflects on the financial bottom lines of organisations. IPS TAL-E provides a full transparency and control on all movements and decisions related to work force activities. It provides you all necessary control tools on time sheet, time and attendance, leave management as not only as a basic time and attendance software but also with flexibility it has more stand for advanced shift management software.  Stay ahead of time with IPS TAL-E

Strategy Deployment & Strategic Management

Corporate vision becomes reality through a strong strategic analysis, planning and deployment. The IPS360 integrates analysis, planning and deployment processes for strategic management integrally over people, equipment, processes and products and provides integrated, process-based,  real-time monitoring and control. Integration of all organization and work centers within one strategy provides high efficiency and competitive power. Strategic management becomes reality with a strategy software.

Executive Support System - ESS

Availability of reliable real-time information for all layers of organizations is important for success  and efficiency on business management. Many institutions and organizations use human resources assets in the process of converting raw data into information. This type of misuse of resources consume intensive time and effort of people and also most of the cases the information obtained late by decision makers.  IPS ESS (Executive Support System Software) is a management decision support software that collects raw data from different sources into various ways, converts them to meaningful information to deliver them to right people at right time with a set of authentications on strategic layers.. Most of the business intelligence software or called DSS systems,business reporting software,DSS software, decision support software,executive information system only focused on data while IPS360 ESS focuses on strategy deployment for strategic management.